I am Wolfgang Leidhold, a professor at the University of Cologne. Here I’ll introduce you to my book on the History of Experience. For a short overview of my academic life, see the About-Page. For the artistic part of my life, see my Instagram– or my Art-Page.

Just published:

The History of Experience

A Study in Experiential Turns and Cultural Dynamics from the Paleolithic to the Present Day

The History of Experience with its 9 turns is a study in experiential evolution from the Paleolithic to the present, now published by Taylor & Francis (NYC) in the Routledge series on Cultural History.

The Summary-Page and following Theory-Page will provide an overview of the book’s basic ideas. I will start with the concept of experience and its evolving structure and continue with its implications for the human culture.

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The results of Wolfgang Leidhold's  research are presented in his latest book: "The History of Experience" published by Taylor & Francis.
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Video lecture series – University of Cologne:
The History of Experience – The 9 Turns

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History of Experience - The 9 Turns
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Reviews about “The History of Experience”

Few concepts are more commonplace than “experience.” But seek to describe what experience is and one is lost in a fog of obscurity. Wolfgang Leidhold’s encyclopedic new book cuts a path through the fog. It examines not just the structure of experience but the transformations of this structure since Paleolithic times. Brace yourself for a ride through time and space. Experience will never look or feel the same again.

Prof. Peter Baehr
Fellow of the Center for Social and Political Thought, University of South Florida

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