Wolfgang Leidhold wrote a series of essays as part of his project about the history of experience. They deal with individual topics and describe their impact. In 2011 he presented his first thoughts and theses at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) in Seattle.

Download any of these papers & essays by clicking on the “download” button. The essay “History and Experience” contains the most detailed description of his main ideas and will be published soon by Taylor & Francis (New York) in the Routledge series on Cultural History.

List of Essays

  • History and Experience 2018 -> Read more
  • Eric Voegelin’s New Perspectives 2018 -> Download
  • Architecture as a Symbolic Form 2015 -> Download
  • Towards-Genealogy-Experience 2012 -> Download
  • The Noëtic Turn 2011 -> Download
  • Demokratie Religion Erfahrung 2009 -> Download
  • Alles fliesst 2008 -> Download
  • Vernunft Erfahrung Religion 2006 -> Download
  • Rationality What Else 2006 -> Download
  • Das kreative Projekt 2001 -> Download